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Welcome to Crown Recycle – a distinguished name in the realm of recycled plastic granules, regrind, and off-grade materials. We excel in sourcing, trading, and distributing top-notch plastic granules across diverse global sectors, underpinned by a resolute commitment to sustainability. Our comprehensive selection encompasses a range of plastic resin types, tailored to satisfy your manufacturing prerequisites. With a seasoned team at the helm and a steadfast dedication to forging enduring partnerships, we assure an impeccably streamlined supply chain and punctual deliveries. Embrace the benefits of aligning with a reputable frontrunner in recycled plastic materials. Make the connection with Crown Recycle today and delve into the possibilities of propelling your business forward while fostering a greener future for the plastics industry.


HDPE off-grade refers to high-density polyethylene that doesn't meet the standard quality specifications for prime-grade material. It may have minor imperfections or variations in properties. While not suitable for certain demanding applications, HDPE off-grade can still be utilized in various secondary applications such as non-critical packaging, non-food containers, or as filler material in other plastic products. Its cost-effectiveness and availability make it a viable option for specific industrial or manufacturing purposes.


LLDPE off-grade, or linear low-density polyethylene off-grade, refers to material that falls below the quality standards required for prime-grade LLDPE. It may have slight variations in properties or imperfections. LLDPE off-grade can still find applications in less demanding uses, such as general-purpose films, liners, or non-critical plastic products. Its lower cost compared to prime-grade LLDPE makes it an attractive option for certain industries where high-performance characteristics are not essential.

PE Floor Sweep

PE floor sweep is a specialized product used for cleaning floors in industrial and commercial settings. Made from polyethylene (PE) material, it consists of fine particles or fibers that effectively capture dust, debris, and dirt. PE floor sweep is designed to be durable and efficient, making it suitable for sweeping and maintaining cleanliness in warehouses, factories, workshops, and other areas with heavy foot traffic or high levels of dust.

PE Powder

PE powder refers to finely ground polyethylene particles. It is used in various applications, including the manufacturing of coatings, adhesives, masterbatches, and additives. PE powder offers excellent flowability and dispersion properties, making it easy to incorporate into different formulations. Its versatility, chemical resistance, and compatibility with other materials make it a valuable ingredient in various industries, such as plastics, paints, and textiles.

PP Powder

PP powder is composed of finely ground polypropylene particles. It is widely used in compounding, additive manufacturing, and other applications where the flowability and dispersion of polypropylene are essential. PP powder exhibits excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties, making it suitable for injection molding, extrusion, and other processing techniques.

PE Lumps

PE lumps refer to solid chunks or irregularly shaped pieces of polyethylene. These lumps can occur during the manufacturing or processing of polyethylene products. PE lumps can be reprocessed or recycled into new plastic products, depending on their quality and purity. The recycling of PE lumps helps reduce waste and promotes a more sustainable approach to plastic manufacturing.

Poly Propylene White (Recycled)

Recycled white polypropylene refers to polypropylene material that has been recovered and reprocessed from post-consumer or post-industrial sources. By recycling white polypropylene, the environmental impact of plastic waste is reduced. Recycled white polypropylene retains many of the original properties of virgin polypropylene and can be used in various applications, including packaging, automotive parts, and household products.

Poly Propylene Gray (Recycled)

Recycled gray polypropylene refers to polypropylene material that has been recycled from sources such as used products or industrial waste. Gray polypropylene, like other recycled plastics, undergoes a reprocessing and purification process to ensure its quality and suitability for various applications. Recycled gray polypropylene finds applications in industries such as automotive, construction, and consumer goods.

High Density Polyethylene Black Granules (Recycled)

Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) black granules are produced by recycling post-consumer or post-industrial HDPE materials. These granules offer a sustainable alternative to virgin HDPE and can be used in a wide range of applications. Recycled HDPE black granules exhibit properties similar to virgin HDPE, making them suitable for products such as pipes, containers, and packaging materials.

High Density Polyethylene Red Granules (Recycled)

Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) red granules are produced from post-consumer or post-industrial HDPE materials. These granules have a vibrant red color and are suitable for various applications where color differentiation or aesthetic appeal is desired. Recycled HDPE red granules can be utilized in products such as containers, toys, or household goods.

High Density Polyethylene Yellow Granules (Recycled)

Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) yellow granules are derived from post-consumer or post-industrial HDPE materials. These granules have a bright yellow color, adding visual appeal to products. Recycled HDPE yellow granules can be used in applications such as plastic toys, containers, or other items where the yellow color is desired.

High Density Polyethylene Green & Blue Granules (Recycled)

Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) green and blue granules are produced from post-consumer or post-industrial HDPE materials. These granules have vibrant green and blue colors, offering versatility in product design. Recycled HDPE green and blue granules find applications in various industries, including packaging, toys, and consumer goods.

LD Roto Regrind (Recycled)

LD roto regrind refers to recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material that has undergone regrinding processes. Regrind is produced by recycling LDPE products or scraps, grinding them into small particles. LD roto regrind is commonly used in rotational molding processes to create products such as storage tanks, containers, and toys. By recycling LDPE, this process contributes to waste reduction and the promotion of a circular economy.