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Ferrous & Non- Ferrous Material Trading

Welcome to Crown Recycle, where metal trading meets innovation. For both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we're your dedicated destination. Our specialty? Crafting seamless solutions that simplify your metal sourcing, investment, and supply chain optimization. So, why look further? Crown Recycle is your reliable partner, your compass in the intricate world of metal trading. Trust us to be your guiding light, delivering results that matter in the realm of metals.

Trading in LMS Bundles

Crown Recycle takes pride in delivering comprehensive trading solutions for LMS (Light Melting Scrap) bundles. Comprising an assortment of lightweight metal components, these bundles are prime candidates for recycling and repurposing. Leveraging our expansive network of suppliers and buyers, we ensure dependable and seamless transactions for LMS bundles.

Trading in Galvanized Bundles

Our expertise shines in trading galvanized bundles – bundles brimming with galvanized steel materials renowned for their resilience against corrosion and remarkable durability. As trusted traders, we oversee the sourcing and distribution of top-notch galvanized bundles, tailored to meet the unique requirements of our valued clientele.

Trading in Heavy Melting Scrap

Delving deep into the realm of metal trading, we present all-encompassing services for heavy melting scrap. This category spans a spectrum of ferrous materials, including steel, and wrought iron. Our profound industry insights and robust industry connections empower us to facilitate smooth, cost-effective trading of heavy melting scrap.

Trading in Re-Rolling Scrap

Crown Recycle stands at the forefront of dependable trading solutions for re-rolling scrap. This distinctive category encapsulates residual materials arising from steel mills or manufacturing processes, primed for recycling and reprocessing across diverse applications. Our seasoned expertise ensures fluid transactions and optimal value realization for re-rolling scrap materials.

Trading in Seamless Scrap Pipes

Turning the spotlight to seamless scrap pipes – a prized commodity within construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. Our extensive network empowers us to source and deliver seamless scrap pipes of impeccable quality, aligning with the specific demands of our esteemed clients.

Trading in Mix Stainless Steel Scrap

. Our specialization extends to the world of mix stainless steel scrap trading, encompassing a diverse spectrum of grades and compositions. Drawing from our extensive experience in the stainless steel domain, we orchestrate dependable sourcing and seamless distribution of mix stainless steel scrap, meticulously catering to the multifaceted requirements of our diverse clientele.

Trading in Aluminum 6063 Scrap

Embrace Crown Recycle as your steadfast companion for trading in aluminum 6063 scrap. This particular scrap variant boasts recyclability and versatile applications, spanning construction to automotive industries. Our dedicated team orchestrates impeccable transactions and a reliable supply of high-grade aluminum 6063 scrap, solidifying your trust in our commitment.